Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a nanny/daycare facility at the hotel?

Yes there may be a nanny/daycare facility at the hotel. The hotel will charge you directly for this facility. Please contact our travel agency to confirm that the hotel included in your Dubai tourism package has a day care facility.

How long is the processing time for the Package?

The processing time depends a lot on the visa processing time as the other elements take little or no time to process. Dubai Tourism packages take a minimum of 5 working days to process the visa, Seychelles vacation have the visas on arrival. East African Countries like Tanzania/Zanzibar, Rwanda etc all offer visa on arrival. Kenya visa takes about 3 days to process; United States takes about 5 days while European countries take an average of one month. These processing times can change any time so it will be helpful to contact our travel agency to validate the processing time before booking.

What happens if I decide not to go after making payment?

If all services have been confirmed already then the Hotel, Flight and Tours cancellation policy will apply. For Dubai tourism packages, if you cancel up to a week before your travel date you will most probably get a full refund for the hotel, tours and transfers. You will not get a refund for visa fees. Kindly confirm the applicable terms and conditions for your vacation package from us.

What happens if my visa application is rejected?
If all other services have been confirmed already then the Hotel, Flight and Tours cancellation policy will apply. No Dubai Tourism Package visa application from our travel agency has ever been declined.  Seychelles vacation visas and East African destinations are confirmed as they are visa on arrival. Our travel agency’s position is that for those destinations that the visas as not guaranteed like USA, South Africa and European countries, you should secure the visa before the bookings (Flight, Hotel and Tours) are made.
Can 2 friends travel together using the double package?

Yes 2 friends can travel together using the Double offer as long they can share the same hotel room. This is actually a great way to get value from vacation packages as Traveling as a single adult will be more expensive, our agency can actually help you find a travel partner especially if you are flexible with your dates, this particularly applies to weekend Getaways. We always have singles interested in our Dubai tourism packages that we can pair you up with.

I have less than 6 months remaining on my passport, can I travel with it?

No, you will need to renew your International passport as it is a prerequisite for visa application. Even when you can return from you vacation package before the expiration of the six months, the visa will not be processed by immigration/embassy.

I have a 25 month old baby, will the baby be considered a child or Infant?

A 25 months old baby is regarded as a child. Infants are babies less than 24 months. However most of the hotels included in our Dubai tourism packages and other countries too will consider the child an infant until they are three years old.

Will my 13 year old son be considered a child?

A 13 year old boy is regarded as an Adult. Child is ages 2-12. Some hotels stretch the child age to 15, we specifically target such hotels for Dubai tourism.

Who will pick me up upon arrival?

Our Partners in the destination country will pick you. You will equally be given an Emergency contact number in case you encounter any delays. This particularly applies to Dubai tourism bookings with Etihad flight, due to the fact that you the guests will have to go through immigration before embarking on the Bus trip, the arrival time can easily be delayed. Our travel agency strongly recommends contacting the emergency contact number whenever there is a delay so the con adjust the schedule accordingly.

What will happen if I miss my flight?

Airline Fare rules will apply, there is usually a no show fee and a date change fee. The Fees vary from airline to airline. Also, Hotel and Tours cancellation/Date Change policy will apply. For Dubai Tourism, if the tours and transfers are cancelled 24 hours ahead you will get a full refund. Please contact us so we can inform you of the specific rules that apply for your vacation packages.

What is the hotel standard check-in /check-out time?

This depends on the destination of the vacations packages. For Dubai tourism most hotels have a 2pm check in but for some peculiar cases like Jumeira beach Hotel and a few others that are 3pm. Please speak to your travel agency contact for for your booking. We also detail this in the hotel booking confirmation that is sent to you.

Can I get only visa(no flight or hotels)?

Yes you can, our agency will charge a visa guidance/processing fee for this service. For Dubai Tourism however, we require that your hotel booking for your entire duration of stay be booked through us before we can sponsor your visa application.

My wife’s brother has been unemployed for 11 years; can he go abroad using this offer?

No, our Dubai tourism packages are exclusively for tourism, you can however make use of the UAE 90 Day Visa to go to Dubai to search for a job. Please contact us for more details

What type of Visa do I get?

You will get a tourist visa; the duration depends on the country, 4 weeks single entry visa for UAE, 3 Month for South Africa, 3 months for Kenya. Tanzania and Seychelles are issued upon arrival. For Dubai Tourism you can also get a 96 hour visa (for weekend getaway and stop overs) and a service visa too

What if I get lost abroad, is there a number I can call to help me out?

Not to worry you won’t get lost, even if you do we always provide a travel agency Emergency contact Number that is available 24/7.

The name on my passport is my maiden name; can I still apply for the visa with this passport?

Yes you can still apply for visa with it, especially if it's for a vacation package (tourism visa)

I am 20 years old can I travel with my 21year old friends?

We get this questions a lot from customers who want to buy Dubai tourism packages. Yes you Contact us directly if it is Dubai.

What if I decide to come back earlier than I planned?

Airline Fare rules will apply. This depends on the ticket class included in your vacation packages. There is usually a date change fee, if the class of ticket is still available there will be not additional fees (besides the dates change fee of $50 - $250 depending on airline and ticket class), if the cheapest available class is higher than the one you have, you will have to pay the difference in fare.

Will I really get all the long list of tours?

Absolutely Yes, you will get all the services listed on your invoice. There are no hidden charges either, our travel agency takes pride in being very clear about the involvements from the beginning to the end. Do not hesitate to contact our travel agency emergency number if you do not get any of the tours or the service level differs from what we described while you are still abroad so we can still fix the issue. We will ensure that you get all the services listed on your invoice.

What is the best airline to travel with?

This will depend on the destination, our travel agency will always advice customers who intend to purchase a vacations package based on destination, budget and any other factors that might be important for your. For Dubai Tourism for instance your best bet will usually be n Emirates of Etihad airline. Our travel consultants are very happy to advice you on this as well as share their personal experiences as well as other customer experience to help you decide.

What is the difference between a 3 Star and 5 Star Hotel?
This varies from the country to country, but generally speaking, the major difference would be the available facilities. 5 star hotels will usually have a Spa, at least a Signature restaurant, several different onsite restaurants(at least 5), the front desk staff would be able to speak more languages, more room types, the interior and exterior decoration of a 5 star will have a better finishing. For Dubai tourism one major  difference between a 5 star and a 4 star is that the earlier will have a Spa while the later will not. We will be happy to provide more specific details for each destination if you contact us.
My infant child is very picky with food; can I make my own meals?

Yes you can make your own meals but only in an Apartment Hotel which are a usual component of Dubai tourism packages.

My mother has to eat amala/african everyday, can we buy amala abroad?

Yes there are African Restaurants. You can equally make it by yourself if you stay in an Apartment hotel. For Dubai Tourism customers, we can actually give you Nigerian restaurant contacts that can do free hotel delivery if your hotel is situated in Deira

What happens if I get ill while abroad?

There are Hospitals abroad but you will be charged directly. Additionally you can get travel insurance before your travel to take care of any unforeseen illness while you’re on holiday. Please talk to your travel agency contact for details

Will my Nigerian mobile number work abroad?

This depends on the Network and the nature of the contract active on the line. Please contact mobile network for details. For Dubai Tourism package customers, You can get one -network with Etisalat sim in Dubai, with this you can receive calls for free if you roam on Etisalat and have at least N5000 credit balance.

Can I easily get alcoholic beverage from the hotel?

Yes you can but there are peculiarities for Dubai tourism. You can only buy from Bars which can only attached to dry hotels. You can’t get Alcoholic Beverage if your Dubai tourism package stay is at an Apartments Hotels as they are considered family friendly and consequently do not sell alcohol. You also cannot get alcoholic beverage from the supermarkets.

What is the best time of the year to travel?

It depends on destination of choice, Summer, Christmas and school holidays are not a very good time if cost is a big factor as the rates go up. The rates for Dubai Tourism packages are however lowest during summer.

Can I travel to more than one country?

Yes you can. Some of our Dubai Tourism customers who fly Kenya Airways actually spend a few days in Nairobi before continuing to Dubai, this offer value for money considering that the airfare already included in your Dubai tourism package (if it is Kenya Airways) already includes a Nairobi stop over so the fare will not increase.

Can I go for medical check-up during the holiday?

Yes you can but the Hospitals abroad will charge you directly. Additionally you can get travel insurance before your travel. A good number of our Dubai tourism customers actually include a comprehensive medical check-up in their itinerary, feel free to contact us for help arranging the check-up.

Can I request for baby/child/vegy/halal/koscher meal in the flight?

Yes you but you will need to make the request in Advance. We will confirm if this can be provide 24 hours after your request is received. These meal types are actually common for Dubai Tourism.

Will there be someone taking me around all through my stay?

No unless you have a scheduled tour then you will be picked up and dropped off after the Tour/s. Our Dubai tourism packages usually come with tours pre-included. For other destinations we include the tours based on request. Feel free to contact our  agency to request for the available tours for your destination of choice.

What documents will I get after making the payment?

You will receive your Payment Receipt, Flight, Visa (for Dubai Tourism) , Electronic Hotel Confirmation and a Voucher detailing your Itinerary and Emergency Contact number.

Will it be possible to stay in 2 different hotels?

Yes it is possible. Kindly contact our travel agency to quote for that. This can make things more interesting for Dubai Tourism Packages

I want to stay in a particular hotel; can you swap the hotel contained in the vacation package with this hotel?

Yes, just let our travel agency know the name of the hotel so we can reprise the vacation package accordingly.

I want to extend/cut short my stay, is that possible?

Yes you can cut your stay but Airline, Hotel and Tour Terms cancellation policy will apply. Contact our travel agency for Extension/Additional day/night stay rates.

Is this the best deal I can get?
Our travel agency does not inflate the price of the vacation package so whatever price we quote is non-negotiable, we can however play around with the the various components to achieve a specific price point
I already have visa, can the vacation packages exclude visa costs?

Yes your vacation package can exclude visa cost.

What do I benefit by paying now and travelling later?

You will have more hotel options, Hotel Availability will be guaranteed and Flight rates would be lower. This is particularly true for Dubai tourism packages as the flight and hotel availability become very scarce as you draw close to the travel date, the hotels and airlines usually start out at a lower price and increase their prices gradually. Our travel agency advices to pay at least a month before the intended travel date.

Why can I not wait until just before my trip to pay?

There will be substantial increase in flight rate and Hotel and other component services like tours etc cannot be guaranteed by our agency.

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