Cost of Giving Birth in the USA

Cost of Giving Birth in the USA
The idea of giving birth in a country that’s not one’s home country or country of residence has become a popular trend that’s generally referred to as ‘Birth Tourism’. People now decide to have their babies in countries like USA,CANADA,GERMANY,FRANCE,UNITED KINGDOM etc The two most popular reasons for this is mainly for better health care and secondly the prospect of a brighter future for their child who can in some instances become a citizen of the birth country. However the cost of giving birth in the USA makes it really difficult to easily head out there to have your baby without careful planning.
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The US is however believed to be the best place in the world to have your baby if you are interested in ‘Birth Tourism’, not just because the US is the number one country to visit, live or work in but because its health care system is one of the best. They also provide immediate citizenship to babies upon their birth and giving birth in the US as a visitor is totally legal as long as you can foot all your medical bills, and also demonstrate that you can. Giving birth in the US comes with so many benefits for your child like:
  1. Access to state of the art facilities and medical personnel, this is especially important in the event you expect any form of complications during childbirth.
  2. Dual citizenship which allows the child to visit the United states and 166 other countries plus an additional 29 countries based on the Nigerian passport amongst several other benefits.
  3. The right of your child to file for USA permanent residence for his parents and siblings less than 21 years of age
The cost of giving birth in the USA is quite flexible and in some cases unpredictable just as child birth itself is. There are usually two components;
  1. The Doctor.
  2. The Hospital.
Quite unlike the practice in Nigeria where paying for the hospital entitles you to the services of the doctors, in the USA, after paying the hospital bills, you then have to get a doctor who will handle the delivery of your child. The Doctor and Hospital prices vary significantly across the USA; you can however find some of the best prices for giving birth in the USA here. A lot of factors can affect the cost of giving birth in the US; some of these are ; Birthing type - Are you going to have a vaginal delivery or a caesarean section? The answer to this question could as a matter of fact make a difference from the range of $2000 to $30000 in your hospital bill. Vaginal births without any form of complications could cost $2500 on an average while a caesarean section could averagely cost $4500, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project about 7 in 10 births are vaginal deliveries and 3 in 10 for caesarean sections. It is noteworthy that a caesarean section is a major surgery that requires anaesthesia, longer hospital stay and high risk [higher instances of morbidity and mortality] according to Toni Stern, M.D. Chair of Obstetrics and Genecology at the Coney Island Hospital. A caesarean section simply means more resources and expertise are required and used. The Mother and her Baby’s Health post delivery - Although everyone hopes for a healthy mom and baby after birth, a single complication can drastically increase the Hospitals cost. Some other important Factors that could affect the cost of giving birth in the US especially for non residents are; Accommodation - On the average the cost of a small short let apartment in the US could start from as low as $500 a month and the duration of your pre-natal and post-natal care is going to be a huge factor here. Others are transportation and feeding.   There are a number of tips and tricks that can significantly reduce the cost of giving birth in the USA, the important thing is to start out planning and do so early.      

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