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Dubai Visa – All You Need to Know.

Dubai is one of the few developed/developing countries in the world that a Nigerian can get its visa without going to an embassy or any of the elaborate processes usually required to get the visa. This is probably why most Travel Agencies in Nigeria offer the Dubai Visa service, there are actually loads of fakers out there so you have to be careful. Also there are measures in place that make it difficult for Nigerians (especially Males) less than 40 years of age to get the Dubai visa, actually very few (you can count them in fingers of one hand) Travel agencies in Nigeria can get Dubai visa for Nigerians less than 40 years, yours truly is one them few travel agencies in Nigeria that get it, irrespective of age, gender or whatever limitation you might have read of out there,you can see our press release when the restriction came into place here. Actually, a lot of our customers are millennial; we’ve gotten Dubai visas for 19-year-old male Nigerians without any hassles.  Actually getting a Dubai visa can be as easy as paying $100, providing your international passport data page and waiting for 48 Hours to get the 96 Hour Dubai visa. Yes! you read that right, there is a 96 Hour Dubai Visa and yes you can get it in as little as 2 days. So this blog post will try to educate you on the correct names for the various Dubai Visa types, their requirements and application processes, what you can or cannot do with them and importantly the cost of getting one. Immigration Update!! UAE Immigration... read more

Dubai Tourism Packages…Etihad or Emirates?

I get this question a lot from people interested in Dubai Tourism packages or Business, which of the UAE airlines offer the best flight service to Dubai? Both Airlines offer great service, have good safety record and are aggressively competing against their long established European and American competitors. My travel agency counterparts think it’s a pretty straight forward comparison, they’d usually advice you go with Etihad if you’re on a tight budget but if you have an issue with not flying directly (flying to Abu Dhabi and connecting Dubai by Road) or the one hour bus ride offered by Etihad to connect Dubai from Abu Dhabi and have the extra money to spare then go with Emirates.  I don’t totally agree with that, so this blog post will try to x-ray some of the key elements to evaluate, in the end you’ll be the judge. Just a few caveats before I start; This evaluation is just for the Lagos – Dubai route, it does not include other destinations This is my opinion, I can understand any difference in view so please feel free to join the conversation and share your Dubai Tourism or Business trip experience in the comment section I will look at the following elements; Flight Schedule/Frequency Pricing Flight Check-In Process Check-in Process Airport Experience/Duty Free Shopping Cabin Crew In-flight Entertainment Meals Flight Schedule/Frequency        This is one of the clear cut parts of this comparison. I was utterly disappointed when Etihad reduced flight frequency last year; I was even more disappointed with how they handled the rescheduling of already scheduled flights (they didn’t offer adequate palliative and... read more

How To get a Free Flight/Hotel Upgrade

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the drawn curtain separating Business/First Class cabin from the Economy cabin? Collapsible, wide and leather seats, gourmet food served in proper plates (not plastic), welcome champagne,high end amenity kits and the general air of “Very Important People”. It usually cost an arm, a leg and maybe an ear to get this. Now imagine you can get an upgrade so you can enjoy all that without breaking the bank or possible for nothing!  All that will taste a lot better if you are not paying any extra for it.You can get that upgrade for little or nothing if you follow this guide and have a bit of luck on your side. Read for the tip and please, do not hesitate drop any tip you have that is not include here, we’d greatly appreciate it. FLIGHTS Join a frequent flyer program.You will more likely be upgraded if you have a relationship with the airline, pledging your loyalty to the airline can be considered a great relationship, additionally the high you climb u that loyalty ladder by logging more and more miles, the more like it is that you will get that upgrade. This is an investment that might not yield dividends immediately or in the sure run but surely will in the long run. You can actually be able to use accumulated points from the logged miles to get an upgrade or a fresh ticket depending on how many miles you have accumulated. Subscribe to the airline’s email newsletter and follow them on social media, the airlines contact you close to the flight... read more

2015 Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Awards

Trip Advisor compile reviews for the various destinations to come up with the Traveler’s Choice Award. This award is as real and unbiased as it gets because it is strictly based on user reviews, so when users bad reviews of a  destination, you’ll see it go down or even leave the list. I’ll give you a really practical example, I decided to include a 3 night Istanbul stop over in my summer holiday mostly because it had the number one spot in 2014 awards so I figured I had to see things for myself, I’d been to Istanbul a few year back but it didn’t wow me that much I wanted to see how things had improved. Things indeed had improved but I didn’t quite like the traffic plus I had a nasty encounter with a taxi driver(if you find yourself in Istanbul, be very careful with the taxi drivers, they’re thieves and scam artists and will easily gang up against you) which I later learnt a number of folks experience the same thing. You’d imagine the first country I checked out when the 2015 list came out….I wasn’t totally disappointed as Istanbul had dropped to the 3rd spot, I would’ve preferred a double digit spot.So without further ado, here are the top 25 destinations for 2015…..Enjoy #25 Destination(Lost 3 spots): Sydney #24 Destination(Lost 7 spots): Dubai #23 Destination(New): Hong Kong #22 Destination(New): Queenstown #21 Destination: Budapest #20 Destination: Athens #19 Destination(New): Kathmandu #18 Destination(Gained 2 spots): Bangkok #17 Destination(Lost one spot): St. Petersburg #16 Destination(New): Cusco #15 Destination(New): Ubud #14 Destination(New): Goreme #13 Destination(Gained 2 spots): Barcelona #12... read more

What To Carry On Your Next Flight Trip

I love traveling!!!! Yes I do, don’t we all? But I don’t exactly like travelling….in the later case I’m referring to the journey, particularly the preparation, getting to the airport on time, “Nigerian Customs”( I still wonder why they have to stick their hands into your luggage as against using a scanner), queuing up at passport control and the boarding gates and the restlessness caused by the thought that you must have forgotten something etc. This restlessness can only get worse if you aren’t well prepared for the flight, not having enough to make the time you spend on the flight feel shorter than it actually is or more generally speaking more fruitful. Here’s a guide on what items can come in handy, really good stuff I’d say; Staying Warm Irrespective of the temperature in your origin or destination countries which I assume you have prepared accordingly, airplanes can get cold, if you consider that the air conditioner is always on, it can easily get cold. The airlines would usually provide thin and not very wide blankets so it will be very helpful if you have some warm clothing on to make up for the inefficiencies of the provided blanket, you can bring on a jacket/pull over/sweater so you can remove it when it gets too warm. The ladies can bring a pashmina which can be stylish while still providing the utility value. What Clothes to Wear I’ll always advise to keep it comfortable and simple. It is also important not to keep it too simple as that might affect your perception especially if you’d like to be considered... read more

2014 Top 25 Destinations – Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Awards

Every year Trip Advisor compiles the top twenty five destinations based on the reviews gathered from their site, now this is actual user reviews so no mago-mago, no wayo. This is the 6th edition of it.They practically slice and dice user reviews and ratings over 12 months into lists of its most highly recommended global and regional destinations. The Traveller’s Choice awards recognize top travel spots globally based on the popularity of destinations, taking into account travellers’ favourites and spots that are frequently rated high. Without no further ado, find below the top 25 holiday spots for 2014… It’s time to plan a vacation! 25. San Francisco – California – USA(Lost 18 Spots) Each neighborhood in San Francisco has its own unique personality. The Marina district has trendy bistros and picture perfect views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Noe Valley on the other hand offers classy and quiet boutiques. Say hello to the sea lions located  at Pier 39, and try out local cheese and charcuterie around the Ferry Building. 24. Chiang Mai – Thailand (Retained Ranking) You could spend your entire Chiang Mai excursion trying out the renowned Night Bazaar. Once you’ve finished the game of cheerful haggle, there’s a whole lot more to explore. The Botanic Garden and National Museum are awesome spots to douse up some local culture and inhale the fragile fragrance of Thai orchids. The downtown area has remnants of ancient wall of over 30 temples. 23. Lisbon – Portugal (New) The rich culture and history of the Portuguese capital cit is celebrated by the museums of Lisbon. The Maritime Museum is ideal for... read more

Travel Preparation Tips – South Africa

I was in South Africa for a conference earlier this year; my trip was a last-minute thing because of the delay by the embassy to issue the visa. I however got to Durban (the host city of Tourism INDABA) and realized that I was far from prepared. It took two hours of painstaking search to get an adaptor to power my laptop which was flat-out of battery. This only complicated everything further as all the necessary information both for my hotel reservation and conference details was contained in the laptop. After going through these rigors I then realized that my post paid phone line wouldn’t roam, I should have prearranged that before leaving Nigeria. Let me not bore you with the long list of nasty surprises that I got because of my lack of preparation/information. I resolved to not let folks go through what I did so in a series of “Travel Preparation Tips” posts, I will be detailing all the necessary information that you will need to have a hitch free trip. So here we go with South Africa. Feel free to share any additional tips you might have ELECTRICITY: The voltage of electricity in South Africa  is 220/230 volts. Most socket are 3 pin or 2 round pins(like what obtains in Europe), based on this your usual Nigerian three pin plug might not work so you’ll consequently require a travel/universal adapter picture to the right. I’ll advice to always travel with this adapter as it will more often than not come in handy. TELECOMMUNICATIONS: The usual practice of prefixing the country code, area code and actual phone... read more

Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Passport Holders

I’ve run into plenty of Nigerians that had a British or Schengen or American visa applications denied, for some strange reason, they all still wanted to still leave the country, not like relocate but just go some where for a short holiday. They’ll usually head to a Ghana or Gambia, the more buoyant ones will head to Dubai Folks that go to Dubai usually come back feeling really happy,they seem to have their expectations exceeded because the relatively easy Dubai Visa process got them thinking “This might not be such an interesting place to go to. There’s actually 43 countries that a Nigerian Passport holder can board a flight headed there without a visa, find the list below; 1. Vanuatu (Visa free for 30 days) 2. Uganda (Visa on arrival) 3. Tuvalu (Visa on arrival for 30 days) 4. Togo (Visa free) 5. Timor-Leste (Visa on arrival for 30 days) 6. Tanzania (Visa on arrival) 7. Sri Lanka (Electronic travel authorization) 8. Somalia (Visa on arrival) 9. Sierra Leone (Visa free) 10. Seychelles (Visa on arrival for 30 days) 11. Senegal (Visa free) 12. Samoa (Visa on arrival for 60 days) 13. Palau (Visa on arrival for 30 days) 14. Niger republic (Visa free) 15. Nauru (Visa on arrival) 16. Mozambique (Visa on arrival for 30 days) 17. Micronesia (Visa free for 30 days) 18. Mauritius (Visa free for 90days) 19. Mauritania (Visa on arrival) 20. Mali (Visa free) 21. Maldives (Visa on arrival for 30 days) 22. Madagascar (Visa on arrival for 90 days) 23. Liberia (Visa free) 24. Kenya (Visa on arrival for 90 days) 25. Iran... read more

Shopping In Dubai

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got around to doing my first post!!!!!!! Okay, I’ll dive right into it.The thing about shopping in Dubai is that the actual shopping is quite average. Yes I said it! However the experience is quite intriguing. If you’ve shopped in New York, London,Paris or Milan then Dubai malls will for sure be a disappointment. You get to see all of the familiar brands, just more expensive I’d say. You can always find an odd bargain here and there, for instance I got a Nikon DSLR at Burjuman Centre with so many add-ons(Additional Memory,Pouch etc) at a crazy price. If you’re a strictly “bargain shopper”, you might want to think again about Dubai. Below, I’ll try to capture some of the most popular shopping resorts in Dubai. Dubai Mall  – this is the biggest shopping mall in the world based on leasable space. It is located in the popular downtown area that has lot of famous attractions like Burj Khalifa. The mall itself houses some remarkable attractions like the Dubai Ice rink, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Sega Republic and Kidzania. Mall of the Emirates – This is another really popular Dubai mall, it houses some interesting attractions like Magic Planet which is a a family friendly entertainment  center offering rides, games and a theme park. It also has a a 14 screen Multiplex cinema, Ski Dubai, lot of dinning options and 2 five star hotels (Kempinsky and Sheraton). Burjuman Centre – Located in the middle of bustling Bur, the Burjuman Centre specializes in high end fashion,it has all the major brands. Now most of the brands are luxury brands... read more